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You know the drill when it comes to losing weight: take in fewer calories, burn more calories. But you also know that most diets and quick weight-loss plans don’t work as promised. If you’re trying to drop a few pounds fast, these expert tips will make it easy for you to lose the weight quickly.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Boozing is one of the most common habits that most of us indulge in to unwind and relax ourselves. However, we forget that they are loaded with calories! Frequent consumption of alcohol leads to enormous weight gain because we tend to pair it with soft drinks and junk food. Try to cut down on your alcohol as much as possible and you would start seeing visible difference in your weight. You will start reducing the excess flab and your body will be detoxified for good. Of course, we are not asking you to quit drinking for good. But try to keep it to bare minimum!

Avoid Eating After 9 PM

One of the best ways to keep weight gain at bay is by not consuming anything after 9 PM. Wondering what the logic behind this is? Eating after 9 PM generally leads to adding up to that calorie content in your body because chances are high that you have already consumed enough for the day. Eating late at night is more out of boredom or stress and less out of hunger. These kinds of munching generally get deposited as fats and causes weight gain. However, if you strictly follow the 9 PM rule, you will start seeing the change in your weight and are sure to get accustomed to this change in lifestyle.

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Drink Lots of Water

We know everybody says this, but that’s just because it totally works at several levels. Water not only keeps you hydrated and improves your skin quality, it magically aids in the process of weight loss. It flushes out toxins from your body, increases your metabolism, and helps in losing weight. Moreover, it’s a great drink to gauge the difference between real hunger and hunger out of boredom. Just by drinking a glass of water when you are hungry helps you in knowing whether your body really needs food. Many times our body also mistakes dehydration for hunger. So, drinking water is the best way reset your appetite. For best results, drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Sleep Enough

Never, ever deprive your body of sleep and rest. The moment you start doing this, your body will start getting stressed. And stress due to lack of sleep affects hormones in our body related to hunger. A certain hormone level that shoots due to stress is directly related to weight gain. Sleep six to eight hours a day to keep these hormone levels well-balanced so that your appetite is in check.

Interval Training

We are not asking you to work out for 2 hours in the gym. The idea here is to work out for short intervals with recovery breaks in between. This fires up our metabolism level which is directly related to the process of calorie burn. A higher metabolism rate would mean more calorie burn which finally leads to weight loss. When you indulge in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, your body keeps losing weight even after the workout, isn’t that amazing? So, the bottom line is to incorporate about 15 to 20 minutes of workout in your everyday routine to expedite the process of weight loss.

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Drink Coffee

Of course we are not asking you to indulge in high calorie latte with whipped cream. We are referring to plain and simple coffee. It can be a great tool to help you slim down as the caffeine in coffee increases the release of fatty acids in your bloodstream and this gives us the energy to train for a longer period of time with more intensity. It also helps in suppressing your appetite; so it works both ways!

Have Protein Breakfast

A little extra protein at the beginning of the day helps in keeping your brain off the munchies as the day progresses.

Feel the Sun

Soak up the morning sun by opening your curtains right at the beginning of the day. The blast of morning sun not only has an energising effect, it also has showed that those who get a daily dose of sunshine have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who don’t.

Pack You Snack

We tend to end up indulging in unhealthy snacking at work. To avoid this, carry an apple or a pack of almonds so that you can eat these to thwart your urge to snack on unhealthy items that are loaded with calories.


By Evelyn Smith

Evelyn Smith is a passionate advocate for a healthy vegan lifestyle. She is dedicated to promoting plant-based living and sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. Evelyn believes that a vegan lifestyle not only benefits personal health but also contributes to a more sustainable and compassionate world. With a background in nutrition and wellness, she strives to inspire and educate individuals on the benefits of embracing a vegan diet and lifestyle. When she's not busy spreading the vegan message, Evelyn enjoys exploring new vegan recipes, practicing yoga, and connecting with like-minded individuals on her website, Healthy Vegan Style.

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