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There are curing treatments which only last for 5 minutes which Japanese practice on regular basis and is based on the fingers, as each of them is connected with two organs. It is actually called Jin Shin Jitsu and is an ancient frame of Japanese arts that helps in healing and balancing emotions because of the stimulation of certain points on the body that actually balance all energy that is very significant for physical and emotional health of a certain person.

This is how it works:

If you have to act on some organ, you will have to take up the finger with the other hand and hold it tight from 3-5 minutes, breathing deeply, and massaging every finger on both the hands. Each of them should be massaged for about 3 minutes.

These are the organs which are connected with the fingers:


Organs: stomach and spleenwort.

Emotions: depression and worry.

Physical symptoms: stomach pain, skin issues, headache, anxiety.

Trigger finger

Organs: kidney and urinary bladder.

Emotions: fear, confusion, disappointment.

Physical symptoms: pain in the muscles, back and teeth, digestion issues.

Middle finger

Organs: liver and yolky bitter.

Emotions: indetermination, anger, irritability.

Physical symptoms: menstrual pain, circulation issues, migraine, frontal headache, tiredness.

Ring finger

Organs: lungs and large intestines.

Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear.

Physical symptoms: asthma, respiratory issues, digestion issues, skin disease.


Organs: heart and small intestine.

Emotions: anxiety, absence of self-confidence, worry.

Physical symptoms: throat pain, bones issues, heart disease.


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