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Your Mattress is Loaded with Toxic Substances. One Simple Trick to Reduce Toxins in Your MattressYour Mattress is Loaded with Toxic Substances. One Simple Trick to Reduce Toxins in Your Mattress

These chemicals have been found to weaken or damage the immune and nervous system, cause autoimmune disorders, soft tissue damage, organ and brain damage, arthritis, etc.

Other dangerous chemicals  approved for use in mattresses are:

  • Boric acid, a toxic respiratory irritant used to kill roaches
  • Formaldehyde, which causes cancer
  • Antimony, a metal that may be more toxic than mercury

How to Reduce Toxins in Your Mattress

If you own a conventional memory foam mattress or other non organic mattress, use onions to reduce toxins in the air. Not only do they pull toxic chemicals out of the air, they’re cheap and easy to find.

Scientists looking for new cleaning compounds used onions from canning factories with various industrial wastes. They found that

onions absorbed about 70 percent of toxins — including arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead — and they could be reused to clean again.

This trick is very simple: Just cut up a large onion into  three pieces and place  them underneath your bed near the head, center and feet of the bed. Onions will pull toxic chemicals from the mattress thus preventing them from being released into the air.


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