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She Met This Homeless Man Every Day. Then He Gives Her A Note That Changes Everything.She Met This Homeless Man Every Day. Then He Gives Her A Note That Changes Everything.

Some stories just go straight to the heart. This is one good example. A homeless man named Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho sat at the same spot every day for 35 years… and wrote poems.

His dream: to one day be published and recognized for his work.

It’s on this street in Brazil that 77-year-old Raimundo sat every day. Passersbys only noticed a dirty, homeless man.

What passerbys noticed less is that he always had a pencil and paper on him, which he used to write beautiful poems. Unfortunately, no one read them.

One day in Spring 2011, a woman named Shalla stopped to chat with Raimundo. She asked him what he was writing. He handed her a scrap of paper with one of his poems.

She discovered that Raimundo had raw and true talent.

Shalla decided to create a Facebook page for Raimundo, on which she published his poems.

That’s when the unbelievable occurred. The Facebook page grew enormously and Raimundo soon had over 100,000 fans. Now, passersbys recognized him for his work and stopped to talk to him every day. They even gave him the gifts.

One day Raimundo’s own brother came across the Facebook page. They had not seen each other for ages, but now his brother decided to offer Raimundo to move in with him.

Raimundo got his first haircut in 35 years.

Raimundo is now off the streets, and continues to go strong with his poetry. Raimundo and Shalla remain good friends.

He is now planning to publish a book with all his poems.

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