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Johnson & Johnson Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing FormaldehydeJohnson & Johnson Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde

Parents all around the world felt like hit with a sledgehammer after Johnson & Johnson admitted that there is formaldehyde in the No More Tears baby shampoo. This formaldehyde is linked with causing cancer and widely is known for its usage in embalming dead bodies.

There was a research conducted over the past several decades which can help you to understand what formaldehyde is, and what danger it brings when added in the baby products.

Formaldehyde is highly flammable and has a unique strong smell. In color formaldehyde is clear and is in liquid condition. Many products contain formaldehyde as a part of their production, such as cleaning solutions, building materials, glue, fabrics, paper products and insulation materials. Moreover commercially it is used for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about formaldehyde and cancer? Is it as unsafe as many think? Despite the fact that the long haul research on formaldehyde hasn’t been totally completed, a few signs point to it as a cancer-causing agent.

In fact, the United States government has officially labeled it as such. The EPA has had it classified as a carcinogen since 1987.

There have been a number of studies that show that it does indeed cause cancer in both rats and humans and studies of people that work around embalming fluid like embalmers have shown that they have a higher rate of cancer than other groups. So the facts are fairly clear on whether or not formaldehyde really does cause cancer.

Johnson & Johnson Scandal


The company states that the levels of formaldehyde isn’t big enough to be harmful for people-even the babies. But, it is well known fact that it is included in the No More Tears baby shampoo.

Today, the company removes the formaldehyde from this shampoo and one hundred other products that they are producing as well.

It is surely a good decision to remove it from the products, but what happens when we ask them why it hasn’t been eliminated before?

This harmful ingredient isn’t crucial for producing these products because the company has a formula without formaldehyde.

But, this is suspicious because it happens when the state of California passed a law that obligates the cosmetic manufacturers to unveil more than 160 chemical ingredients that can be dangerous for our health, which had been kept in secret.

Johnson & Johnson isn’t the only manufacturer that uses dangerous ingredients in their products. There are advocates that fight against other cosmetic manufacturers because it was proved in some independent researches that these companies still use dangerous ingredients in their products.

Johnson & Johnson states that they will spend tens of millions of dollars in order to make the necessary changes. So, the real question is if other companies will be able to follow the law, or if they couldn’t afford the expenses.

It only takes 26 seconds for that shampoo to get into your baby’s bloodstream and go to every organ of their body.  Would you feed this shampoo to them? If you’re using it, you are.  When your baby shampoo says “keep out of reach of children” it’s got to make you think….

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There are 17 ingredients in this shampoo and only 2 of them aren’t chemicals!! Water and glycerin.

Source: universeofnature.com

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