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Alopecia is a term used for hair loss on the head or another part of thebody. There are a number of factors that contribute to this common condition, such as hormonal imbalance, poor diet, allergies, excessive physical or emotional stress, genetics, poor hair hygiene as well as the use of inappropriate products for hair care.

Although the market offers numerous products that promise to reverse the effects of receding hair, these are both costly and usually not as effective as some natural remedies which you can prepare at home. The natural anti-hair-loss treatments we suggest here can improve your hair quality on several levels – stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss along with nourishing your hair follicles.

There are about 100,000 strands of hair on your scalp and it is considered very normal to lose 50 to 100 strands a day. But when you start losing more than that, it’s time for you to take some action.

Here are the top home remedies for hair loss.


This ingredient has several benefits for your hair. Not only does it promote hair growth, but also conditions it. It has essential fats, minerals and proteins which reduce hair breakage and is also rich in potassium and iron. You can use coconut oil or milk to prevent hair fall.


Warm a bit of coconut oil and massage it from your hair root to tip.

Wash after one hour.

Or, grate a coconut and squeeze out its milk by mixing in a little water.

Apply it on the area where you notice thinning or balding.

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Let it stay overnight and wash off the next morning.

Onion juice

Onion is a rich source of sulphur which helps in hair growth by increasing collagen production. Using its juice on the scalp can help in controlling hair fall


Chop one onion finely and squeeze out its juice.

Apply the juice on your scalp and let it stay for 15 minutes.

Now rinse with a mild shampoo and let your hair air dry.

Use this twice a week to see results.


Like onion, garlic too has high sulphur content. This is the reason why it is used in traditional hair re-growth medicines.


Crush a few cloves of garlic.

Add coconut oil to it and boil the mixture for a few minutes.

Let it cool down a bit and then massage it on your scalp.

You can leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

Do this two times in a week

Source: healthyfoodheadlines.com

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