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It is a well-known fact that belly fat is the most problematic body part for losing weight. We all want to have tight stomach muscles but we also hate doing difficult abs. But do not worry, there is an easy solution. The fitness experts claim that they can solve the problem with this exercise which can replace 1000 traditional abs.

This incredible exercise is called “the plank” and it represents a static exercise where the entire body weight falls on the hands and the toes, while the rest of the body is flat like a plank. The body should not be moved at all, not even for an inch. This exercise is extremely helpful for making your stomach flat and tight, as well as for relieving back pain, since the firm stomach muscles hold the spine as well.

For best results, first you need to make sure that your body is situated in the right initial position. That is why you should follow these instructions:

  • place your hands firmly on the floor, with your shoulders straight. Your neck should also be straight and extended.
  • Even though the main focus should be put on your abs, you should feel “a fire” in your legs as well. If you don’t, place your heels in a position where you will rely only on your toes and you will feel tenseness in your thigh muscles. Then, contract your butt muscles in order to activate the muscles in the lower part of your body.
  • Do not raise your butt up in the air, but try holding it in a flat position instead. Your body needs to be flat, not in the shape of a triangle.
  • Breathe evenly and smoothly, so that it is easier for you to remain in this position.
  • Holding your body in the right position is crucial and it can be easily achieved if you imagine that you have a glass of water on your back and you need to make sure it will remain balanced.
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Now you can start doing this exercise.

  • put your hands and your knees on the floor, making sure that your hands are shoulder-width positioned, and your back is flat
  • look up, while your nose is pointed to the floor
  • Stretch your right leg and place it down on the floor on your toes, and then do the same with your left leg. In this moment, your entire body weight should rely on your hands and your toes.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles and remain like that for twenty to sixty seconds
  • Knee down afterwards and relax
  • Repeat this exercise three times in a row. Once you are used to doing it, do it for more than sixty seconds.

Source: healthySolutions

By Evelyn Smith

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