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We all love our brand new smart phones. But, how much do we actually know about the risks associated with their use?

Russian doctors and the League of Nation’s Health Organisation warn that phones are more dangerous to our health than we can imagine. They are mostly concerned about the electromagnetic fields and their effect on our bodies.

As per Nikolai Kononov, the vice president of the League of Nation’s Health Organisation the main target of this electromagnetic fields is our nervous system followed by the reproductive and endocrine system.

Kononov also explained that around 70% people receives electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. In a technology-driven world, it is difficult to forbid the cell phones but we should take reasonable caution while using this device.

Electromagnetic radiations from the cellphone are dangerous for pregnant women and children. Thus, one should encourage hands-free device and shorter conversation to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

The important precaution is not to keep your phone in your pocket. Carry the phone in bag or purse to save your vital organs from electromagnetic radiations.

For more information on dangerous effect of cell phone watch this video from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences:

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