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Do You Have A Diwali Hangover? These Remedies May Help

You can reduce the effects of your hangover with these simple foods. iStock Highlights You may be suffering from a hangover after your festive celebrations Before reaching for tablets, you can try simple home remedies Here are 5 foods and drinks that may help you recover Diwali celebrations generally call for indulgence and fun times. Many of us would have eaten and drunk to our heart’s content recently. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the after-effects of doing this. Perhaps you went overboard with all those pretty colourful cocktails . Perhaps you are just not used to drinking so much in one go. Chances are, you are suffering from a horrible hangover right now. Wondering how to get rid of it and get back to daily life? We have compiled a list of 5 simple remedies that you can try at home. Here’s how to beat that Diwali hangover: Also Read: What To Do After Eating Oily Food – 10 Ways To Recover From The Effects What To Consume If You Are Suffering From A Hangover 1. Ginger Tea Ginger is one of the simplest and most effective remedies for a hangover. This spice has anti-inflammatory properties that help your body flush out toxins. It also helps relieve nausea and tummy problems – which often accompany a hangover. You can chew on raw ginger pieces or mix them with warm water and honey to form a detox concoction. You can also brew herbal tea by infusing water with ginger, cloves, cardamom and other spices. Also Read: This Fool-Proof Hack Of Keeping Ginger Fresh Will Make Your Life So Much Easier 2. Bananas Banana milkshake is a powerhouse of minerals that can help detoxify your body. Photo Credit: iStock Bananas can work wonders for those nursing a hangover, as this fruit is packed with fibre. Bananas are great for your gut and are easily digested. They can help keep nausea and headaches at bay while providing you with nutrients as you recover from the toxic effects of alcohol. When you drink too much, your potassium and magnesium levels are depleted. […]

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