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Did Cold Front 8 leave you with a cold?

Did Cold Front 8 leave you with a cold? We During the winter, which is usually the last month of each year, with constant rain and low temperatures the population is more susceptible to respiratory diseases. In the middle, These are uncomfortable colds or catarrh accompanied by cough and flu. Dry cough and sore throat are uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to relieve, but fortunately, it can be done. treated with recommendations from health professionals or with home remedies. Some products can be found at home or bought at the supermarket to relieve dry cough and sore throat. HONEY, ALWAYS TRUST One of the most effective foods for this is honey. because of its sugary properties that promote salivation and throat hydration. Read Also: What is the use of taking cinnamon with honey on an empty stomach? Honey can be combined with a ginger and lemon infusion, because ginger root has natural anti-inflammatory properties to treat colds. It is also possible to mix honey with pepper tea. THE MARSHMALLOW? Marshmallow is another option because Its root is useful in relieving inflammation of the throat and cough due to its high mucilage content. Propolis is an ideal home remedy Thanks to its antibacterial properties, calendula prevents sore throat and inflammation. Thyme is famous for its mucolytic and antiseptic effects. STAY HYDRATED It is advisable to be carefully hydrated to treat coughs and colds because drinking fluids can relieve cough, runny nose and even sneezing. Hot drinks such as soup, herbal teas, and juices can immediately improve symptoms. Read Also: The death toll in Gaza has risen to 1,799, the health ministry said Finally, Gargling with salt and water helps reduce phlegm and mucus., as well as the need to cough. You can gargle several times a day with a solution of half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of hot water, remembering not to swallow the water.

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