Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Baltimore County business owner helps Girl Scouts make herbal cold remedy kits for homeless people

RANDALLSTOWN, Md. — A Baltimore County business owner is teaching kids how to make herbal cold and flu remedies that will ultimately benefit homeless people. Sheila Hall , owner of Unique Scripts Wellness Spa in Randallstown, focuses on functional medicine, holistic therapies and herbal remedies. Now, she’s working with Girl Scouts troop 5395 to use herbal remedies to help people in need. Hall believes cough syrup made from herbs can heal just like any other cough syrup you’ll find on a drug store shelf. “I’ve always felt that we should look for natural remedies before just going and getting medicines and drugs if they aren’t necessary or if the doctor hasn’t prescribed them to us,” said Hall. “Learn how to just go in your own kitchen cabinet and grab garlic and apple cider vinegar and peppers and learn how to use those to help you feel better.” Hall is teaching the Girl Scouts how to make herbal cold and flu remedies. “I want to teach them how awesome things we get naturally are and how awesome it is that it can heal us and how it can help boost our immune system, make us feel better, keep us healthy, things that we have naturally in the Earth,” said Hall. Hall and the Girl Scouts are mixing up natural remedies and taste-testing along the way. Then, they put the remedies into wellness care kits that will go to people struggling with homelessness. “It’s going to get cold and it’s easier to get colds and flus because they are just outside,” said Asia Dubose, a Girl Scout. “More people helping, more people off the streets.” Del Matthews, the Girl Scouts troop leader, said she’s grateful her girls are getting this experience. “I think it’s a good learning experience for them to show that there’s always people who need other things, help or whatever you may need, and these girls can see that giving back makes you feel really good,” Matthews said. Hall will deliver the care kits to the Night of Peace Emergency Homeless Shelter in Windsor Mill on Nov. 18. […]

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